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Choosing a Rail Pass or Ticket. What is the best choice?

The Big Question: Rail Passes or Train Tickets?
Train Tickets pros
When you have a pre-defined itinerary and dates, normally train tickets is a better option than rail passes. The etickets are booked with seat reservations for a specific itinerary, date and time. After your booking have been confirmed you'll receive a confirmation with tickets attached. Then just print them for travel. With rail passes, seat reservations must be done at train station subject a big lines

Rail Passes pros
If you want flexbitily for travel to many itineraries a rail pass will be the best option for you most of the time. There are rail passes for only only country or Eurail Global pass valid for travel all Europe
In accordance with your itinerary, age, trip duration and number of people traveling (together or not) you will find the best option for your European rail trip.
The seat reservations can be done at train station, recommeded at least 24 hours in advance

Rail PassesSpecial fares options are:
Senior fares for travelers older than 60 years.
Youth fares for people under 26 years old.
Children options for kids between 4 and 11 years old. They won´t pay for a railpass. 2 children may travel per paying adult.

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Eurail Passes through Eurail (partnership)

Due seat reservations issues, actually, we recommend you to purchase rail passes directly with our partnership Eurail manager responsible for Eurail passes.

Premier Trains & Point to Point tickets

Trains Main Destinations
Eurostar London, Paris, Brussels, Disneyland Paris
Thalys Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne
Others Premier Trains Premier trains cover the main
European destinations

Scenic Trains & General Point to Point Tickets

Products Description
Scenic Trains Great trips through European wonderful views by panoramic trains
Point to Point Tickets A point-to-point ticket is good for a rail journey from one destination in Europe to another along a specific route.
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Useful Information

Benefits & Bonuses

Eurail's Benefit Partners, Eurail Aid Offices, Boats & Ferries companies, Airport links, Lounges availables.
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European Rail Pass are entitled to a variety of bonuses besides the shipping lines, private rail lines, buses, museums and hotels discounts and lounges on the major train stations.
Holders of Eurailpass Flexi, Europass or Eurail Selectpass have to note that a free transportation bonus or shipping line requires use of a travel day; reduction bonuses or reduced shipping lines do not require use of travel day.
Rail Pass holders are granted a reduced fare or even free passage on many shipping lines.
For international shipping lines: In general, the Pass must be valid for the country of departure or the country of arrival. When indicated, the Pass must be valid in both countries, or in one specific country.
For domestic shipping: The pass must be valid for the country in question.
Benefit Partners, Eurail Aid Offices, Boats & Ferries companies, Airport links, Lounges availables.
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