Eurail Portugal and Spain Pass

Portugal and Spain Pass Features

From 4 to 10 travel days.
Unlimited travel on the national network of Portugal and Spain.
Options for 1st class or 2nd class.
Youth Pass: Valid for people under 26 years old.
Saver pass: It's a special fare when 2 or more people travels together all the time. * Prices are per person.
Children under 12 years old may travel free when travelling with adults. 2 Children may travel per adult railpass. A Child pass must be issued so it is important that you provde the child name (and age) and requesting railpasses.
Flexipass: Travel days may be used consecutively or not, within 1 month period.
Special bonuses (details below)
One travel day alouds you to travel all day long. It is counted the first time you use the railpass in each single day.

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Useful Information

Eurail Portugal and Spain Brochure PDF

Eurail Map online (PDF - 2 Mb)PDF

Free European Rail Network Map: Eurail passes gives added value to its product by providing customers with useful and detailed travel documentation. Customers purchasing an Eurail Pass receives the Eurail Pass Guide; which explains in details how an Eurail Pass works and where it is accepted. It provides information on Eurail’s Benefit Partners and gives further useful information for each traveler. You will also receive an Eurail Map that shows all main rail lines and participating shipping routes. All those are sent with the Rail passes by mail and cannot be sent apart from it.

Eurail Portugal and Spain Passes - Fares (US$ per person)
Options 4 days 5 days 6 days 8 days 10 days
Saverpass - 1st class $260.00 $292.00 $323.00 $375.00 $422.00
Saverpass - 2nd class $211.00 $236.00 $260.00 $301.00 $339.00
Adult - 1st class $304.00 $343.00 $377.00 $438.00 $494.00
Adult - 2nd class $245.00 $277.00 $304.00 $353.00 $397.00
Youth - 1st class $245.00 $277.00 $304.00 $353.00 $397.00
Youtht - 2nd class $201.00 $226.00 $249.00 $288.00 $325.00
Currency: US Dollars

For booking, click or touch on corresponding fare

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Senior: Special fare for travelers 60+ years old.* Prices are per person.
Youth: Valid for people under 27 years old.
Children under 12 years old may travel free when travelling with adults. 2 Children may travel per adult railpass.
*A Child pass must be issued so it is important that you provide the child name (and age) when requesting railpasses.
**Children ages could be different depending on what country you are. The "age range" is listed in each Railpass details in each page. Just check the first box on this page.
Children under 4 years old travel free but must share the seat with a paying adult.
Validity: The first trip date must be within 11 months from issue date, unless specified for promotional options.
Promotional rail passes options are NOT refundable. They cannot be cancelled ounce purchased.
All Fares are per person in US dollars, subject to change.
We can ship worldwide. You can track the package through FedEx/UPS webpage using a tracking number.
Handling fee: All bookings are subjet a US$ 8 handing fee.


Seat reservations are mandatory for most international routes. You can make seat reservations at train station or you can place an order requesting a booking for them. All reservations have costs according to the route choosen. Just fill the reservation form after completing your railpass order. We will check your request for reservations and reply by email.

Euro Railways offers Rail pass Refund Protection Plan.

Applying for Reimbursement in the case of loss or theft under the Rail Protection have some details that must be followed by our costumers, here they go:

Travelers’ product(s) must have been lost or stolen while traveling in Europe. 

Travelers will either be refunded the value of the unused portion of the lost or stolen paper product(s) or the cost of a replacement product(s), whichever is less. 

Product holders must file a police report within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. 
Travelers must purchase a replacement products in order to continue with his/her travel plans.

Refund amountFor example: If you purchase a 10 days Rail pass for $300 and you lose it with 3 days still left for usage you will get this portion back, let’s say around US$ 90 (US$ 30 per day). This partial refund will apply only if you purchase train tickets to complete your trip, at your railpass valid dates. 

To make a claim
1) You must  send the replacement tickets purchased to complete your journey to our booking office within 30 days of your return with a brief letter describing the circumstances of your loss or theft, the police report with all listed details above.

Office Address: 
c/o Euro Railways Inc. 
980 N Federal Hwy Ste 110
Boca Raton, FL 33432 - 2704


In the case that your rail passes are completely unused, non-validated, a refund application is available. The rail pass must be submitted to the office where the pass was purchased. Rail passes are 85% refundable.

Railpasses cannot be exchanged. Only cancelled and issued again appling the penalty above.

Rail passes are strictly personal, non-transferable and only valid with a passport, official identity or special military travel permit. Presentation of this document to the European control staff on trains and shipping lines is compulsory, ounce asked for it.

Transportation covered by the rail pass is subject to the "Uniform Rules concerning the contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by rail (CIV). In respect of carriage by sea, the legal provisions of the individual sea carrier apply.

A Rail Passes is only valid after its activation, between the day you activate it until the last day of validity. The valid dates are listed in each link according to the Rail pass you purchased.  Your passport number must be noted by a railway official when activating it, before travel begins. 

You must activate your rail pass within 6 months after you purchased it.
The pass holder may travel on any date within the limits of the period of validity. The pass also entitles the holder, within the period of validity, to many transportation bonuses, such as those on ferries, boats and buses. All bonuses are locally offered and may change from time to time. You may find a list of benefits on the “Bonuses” link just above on this webpage.

A travel day is valid from midnight to midnight. Even if your train departs in the evening one day and arrives at its destination the next, in most cases it will count as one rail day and not two. The rule is that you must board a train that departs after 7:00 PM and arrive at your destination after 4:00 AM without changing trains. On the other hand, if your train departs before 7:00 PM, or involves a connection, you will need to use two days of your rail pass. This policy is sometimes referred to as “the 7:00 PM rule.” 

Rail Passes do not guarantee a seat on a train unless reservations are made in advance. Reservations are compulsory for certain trains.

Seat reservations, sleepers, couchettes, sleeping car accommodation and meals will have additional costs. They are listed in each route link in our webpage.

You can use a 1st class rail pass to travel in a 2nd class seat, but you can not use a 2nd class rail pass to travel in a 1st class seat. If any exception are available they will be listed on each route link on our website.

If the traveler cannot present, upon request, a valid passport, official identity card or special military travel permit with his pass, the local control staff is authorized to demand payment, in addition to the full fare, of a fine charged in conformity with the regulations of the railway concerned, both in local currency.

Passes can neither be refunded nor replaced:
if lost or stolen,
if partially used, 
if activated, 
or after one year from the date of issue.

Refund: In the case that your rail passes are completely unused, non-validated, a refund application is available. The rail pass must be submitted to the office where the pass was purchased. Rail passes are 85% refundable.

Applications for a refund must be submitted to the issuing office with all necessary proof (cancellation by a European Railroad Office, medical certificates in case of illness, death certificate, police reports for stolen products that have an insurance)

Delivery security: FedEx is one of the most secure couriers on the world. Products will be delivered exactly as requested, at the address listed. So it is important to make sure you have selected a secure delivery address. Our responsability at the package ends when FedEx delivery it. If you lost the package after that, if someone else receive the package for you and loose it or anything like it, it is completely out of our responsability. Railpasses or tickets that offer refund options CANNOT be refunded at all if they are lost and are not returned to our office

A Youth pass may only be used by people under 26 years of age. 
A Child pass may only be used by people under 12 years of age.
All orders are subject a USD 8.00 Handling fee + any shipping option.

By placing an order for a Rail pass in our company you are agreeing with all the terms and conditions + any specific terms and conditions listed on the Rail pass link you accessed to request it.

Rail Passes Options

Also, consider the following options for your travel:

European Benefits & Bonuses for Eurail passes holders

Eurail's Benefit Partners, Eurail Aid Offices, Boats & Ferries companies, Airport links, Lounges availables.

European Rail Pass are entitled to a variety of bonuses besides the shipping lines, private rail lines, buses, museums and hotels discounts and lounges on the major train stations.
Holders of Eurailpass Flexi, Europass or Eurail Selectpass have to note that a free transportation bonus or shipping line requires use of a travel day; reduction bonuses or reduced shipping lines do not require use of travel day.
Rail Pass holders are granted a reduced fare or even free passage on many shipping lines.
For international shipping lines: In general, the Pass must be valid for the country of departure or the country of arrival. When indicated, the Pass must be valid in both countries, or in one specific country.
For domestic shipping: The pass must be valid for the country in question.

Bonus & Benefits for Portugal

A Eurail Pass valid in Portugal is valid with the national railway company CP

Eurail Aid Offices
Estação de Santa Apolónia Lisboa (Lisbon)
Daily: 6:15am - 10:30pm

Estação de Porto Campanhã (Oporto)
Daily: 7:25am - 12:30pm and from 1:30pm - 07:30pm

Oceanário 15% discount;
located near Lisboa Oriente railway station

Serralves Museum in Porto 25% discount on entrance fees for both museum and garden. Free for those under 18 years of age;

CP Lounge
Two hours prior to departure or after arrival, holders of a reservation ticket in Conforto Class for the Alfa Pendular (AP) trains or in Gran Class or Preferente Class for either the Sud Expresso or Lusitânia trains, have free access to the CP lounge located in Lisboa Oriente.

Airport links
Lisbon: from the airport there are connections by underground to the following railway stations: Oriente, Rossio and Cais do Sodré (Eurail Passes are not valid). Porto: from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro there are connections to Campanhã station (by underground - Eurail Passes are not valid).

Bonus & Benefits for Spain

A Eurail Pass valid in Spain is valid with the national railway company RENFE
IMPORTANT: RENFE, the Spain Railway, is not participating in the Eurail Select Pass offer as from January 2014.

FEVE 50% discount (tickets available in FEVE stations, tel: +34 985 982 380);
Cartagena - Los Nietos
León - Bilbao
Oviedo - Ferrol
Oviedo - Santander
Santander - Bilbao
Local lines in Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria, Vizcaya, León and Murcia
FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) 50% discount
(Tickets available in FGC stations);
Cable line of Gelida-Cable line of Montserrat
La Pobla-Lleida
Monistrol-Montserrat: rack line
Nuria-Ribes de Fresser: rack line

RENFE bus (Valencia) freetransportation between Valencia Joaquín Sorolla and Valencia Nord stations when you have a reservation for the AVE train

Eurail Aid Offices
Domestic and International train information:
902 320 320 (daily 7:00am - 11:00pm)

Estación Barcelona-Sants
Mon-Fri: 9:30am - 1:30pm and 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Estación Barcelona-França
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 9:00pm

Estación Madrid-Chamartín
Daily: 8:30am - 9:00pm

Estación Sevilla-Santa Justa (Seville)
Daily: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Estación Valencia-Joaquín Sorolla
Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturdays (not Holidays): 8:00am - 1:00pm

Two hours prior to departure, holders of a Club, Business, Gran Clase or Preferente 1st class train reservation have free access to the Sala Club lounge located in several main railway stations.

Balearia 20% discount on official seat fares;
Various crossings between the Balearic islands
Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca/
Palma de Mallorca-Valencia
Tickets and reservations available in travel agencies or locally at Balearia offices or at +34 902 160 180.

Grimaldi Lines 20% discount on official fares (port taxes, fixed dues and special fares excluded);
Barcelona-Porto Torres (Sardinia)
Bookings can be made in three different ways:
Via the Grimaldi Lines Contact Center:
(+39) 081 496 444
(+34) 902.531.333
by sending an email to one of the email addresses below, including a copy of the Eurail Pass OR
By going to one of Grimaldi Lines Travel Agencies in Italy:
Grimaldi Tours Napoli, Via Marchese Campodisola 13
Grimaldi Tours Roma, Via Boncompagni 43
Grimaldi Tours Palermo, Via Emerico Amari 8

European Eurail's Benefit Partners, Eurail Aid Offices, Boats & Ferries companies, Airport links, Lounges availables.
Just click or touch on the Benefits Image above to know the Bonus and Benefitis in others European countries.


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