Norway in a NutShell - Scenic train route

Norway in a NutShell

Scenic train options departing from Oslo, Myrdal, Flam, Gudhaven, Voss and Bergen. Check it all below!

  • Norway in a Nutshell

    Norway's fjords. You can experience the breath-taking railway line Flåmsbana, the Aurlandsfjord, the narrow Nærøyfjord and the steep Stalheimskleiva.

    On the journey you have views of the small traditional farms. If you are lucky you will catch sight of the goats which graze along the edge of the fjord or of the seals lying on rocks before the boat moors at Gudvangen.

  • The Flåm Railway

    The journey on the Flåmsbana railway is one of the high points on the journey. The 20km-long train journey from the mountain station of Myrdal and down to Flåm deep in the fjord takes around 55 minutes. Experience views of the most magnificent mountain scenery in Norway with an ever-changing panorama of tall mountains and thundering waterfalls. The train moves slowly or stops at the best views.

  • The Bergen Railway

    The Bergen Railway is a unique experience on Northern Europe´s highest railway. One of the greatest challenges is the harsh and changeable weather. Skilled workers, effective equipment, tunnels and snowtunnels make the Bergen Railway one of the safest and most comfortable way of travelling between Oslo and Bergen. This line was recognized to be one of the best railway experiences in the world.

Norway in a NutShell prices & details

Five options, all including Flam scenic railway
Reservations included when necessary

US$ Adult US$ Child
1) Voss-Gudvangen-Flam-Voss (5h) $215.00 $130.00
2) Bergen-Flam-Voss-Bergen (7h) $299.00 $156.00
3) Oslo-Flam-Voss-Bergen (10h) $398.00 $208.00
4) Oslo-Flam-Voss-Oslo (15h) $498.00 $260.00
5) Olso-Flam-Bergen-Oslo (17h) $578.00 $299.00
6) Pass Holder Fare - Myrdal-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss $180.00 $108.00

* NOTE - Eurail Passholder Fare is used in conjuction with a Eurail Pass including Norway on any of the itineraries above in either direction for the Flam Railways, Fjiordcruise.

** Tours can be taken in reverse direction. Stopovers allowed.

Children 4-15: discounted rates
Children under 4: free, must share a seat with paying adult

OTHER RULES - Journey must begin within 2 months of date of purchase. Once started, travel must be completed within 2 months.

Vouchers do not need to be exchanged for tickets on this route specifically. Seat reservation will be included when necessary.

Express boat reservations are not necessary.

Ticket voucher - How to use and retrieve your tickets:

As soon as your booking have been processed, you will receive an email with your booking confirmation. In this email you will find all details about your purchase. Depending on the Scenic train you choose, you will receive either the actual train ticket or a Voucher to retrieve your ticket at the station. This will be listed on your confirmation email, please read it carefully.

* Some Scenic trains will require you to receive a voucher by mail first. After that you will use this voucher to get your ticket at the Scenic train specific station.

Each Scenic train will list an exchange point (when necessary) on its own page and details, for example, if you have purchased the Schilthorn/ Piz Gloria Scenic train your exchange point will be at the train station in Murrem.

When you have a Voucher: You must have the voucher received by mail to retrieve your tickets at the station. They cannot be retrieved with any other information. No exceptions. If by any reason you do not have your voucher with you, contact the issuer (the company where you have purchased it from) and ask for help. They will address the options you have for a refund. Please note that you can also check this options on the TERMS and CONDITIONS on the next tab.

When you have an actual ticket: You must have the tickets in hands to board the train. You cannot board the train or use your tickets any other way besides showing them at the stations.

Once you have your tickets in hands you are ready to enjoy your trip!

The ticket retrieve instructions will be sent in the confrimation email.

a) Exchange Points: Vouchers must be exchanged for tickets at specific stations according to your purchased Scenic train.

  • Norway in a NutShell: This voucher specifically do not need to be exchanged for tickets,
  • Glacier Express: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Glacier express train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Golden Pass Line: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Golden Pass train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Bernina Express: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Bernina Express train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe: Voucher do not need to be exchanged and can be used as actual boarding pass
    at rail stations in Interlaken Ost, Grindelwald or Wengen.
  • Chocolate train: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Schilthorn / Piz Gloria: The voucher must be exchanged at the train station in Murren.
  • Mount Titlis: Mt. Titlis vouchers must be exchanged at the valley station in Engelberg.

  • b) When travelling in Switzerland, with a Swiss Pass: Free Swiss Family Card allows children under 16 to travel free with a parent or legal guardian. If reservations are necessary the child will have to purchase one to save her a seat.
    With an Eurail Pass, in Norway in a NutShell and children traveling without a parent: Discounted fare for children 4 - 15
    c) Children under 4 travel free when sharing an adult passenger’s accommodations.
    d) All tickets are subject to confirmation. The tickets have a variable horizon for booking, normally 60 to 90 days within trip date. A booking confirmation will be sent as soon as the booking have been processed.
    e) All fares are per person in US Dollars, subject to to change before the booking processing
    f) Physical Tickets: Those tickets must be mailed by FedEx. When you are placing your order it will be required to list a shipping address. Please select an address where this package could be received by someone for your own security.
    g) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 8 handling fee.
    h) Refund options: Once voucher has been exchanged for a ticket, refund is not possible. Vouchers may be refunded up to 6 months from the date of issue. A 15% cancellation penalty applies. It is not exchangeable.
    Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.


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