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Euro Railways has been supplying costumers since 1998 with a variety of train products to travel in Europe. Our products extend from customized Europe trips to simple one-way and round-trip Point to Point tickets.

Our customer base was built over the years and it's formed up by families, explorers, seniors, youths, smaller groups and business travelers; consequently, our promise is to consult, inform and delivery the best product options for each traveler group.

We are pride of ourselves in maintaining a full scale customer support center available through e-mail, live internet chat and telephone.

Our team of European train travel specialists has been assembled to assist our customers when recommending rail passes and reservations or point to point tickets according to each itinerary.

To promptly attend to our customers comfort, we supply product shipping worldwide by FedEx and also offer free shipping options to USA and Canada.

Euro Railways is committed to work hard to provide a worry-free European train traveling for all our customers and the best prices possible. Yet, to work with Europe train products is just a plain pleasure and to promote the best way to discover it is even more satisfactory.

Euro Railways is an authorized European Rail System Representative with authority to issue tickets from over 80 European railway companies (below).

Official seller for the following railways companies



  • OBB: Austrian Railways (Austria)
  • B-Rail: Belgian Railways (Belgium)
  • BDZ: Bulgaria Railways (Bulgaria)
  • GPL: Golden Pass Line (Switzerland)
  • Jungfraubahnen (Jungfrau - Switzerland)
  • Pilatus: Pilatus Bahnen (Switzerland)
  • Rhatische Bahn (Switzerland)
  • SBB: Suisse Railways(Switzerland)
  • Schilthorn Bahnen (Schilthorn - Switzerland)
  • Titlis Rotair (Mt Titlis - Switzerland)
  • Serbia Railways (Serbia)
  • CD: Czech Railways (Czech Republic)
  • Bahn.DE (Germany)
  • DSB: DSB (Denmark)
  • Elipsos: Elipsos (Spain)
  • AVE: Alta Velocidad Espanola(Spain)
  • RENFE: (Spain)
  • Estrella (Spain)
  • Euromed (Spain)
  • Intercity ES: Intercity (Spain)
  • Alaris (Spain)
  • Altaria (Spain)
  • Alvia (Spain)
  • Arco (Spain)
  • Talgo (Spain)
  • Talgo 200 (Spain)
  • VR: VR (Finland)
  • SNCF: French Railways (France)
  • Ratp: Ratp.fr (France)
  • Thalys: Thalys (France)
  • OSE: Hellenic Railways Org (Greece)
  • Supefast: Superfast Ferries (Greece)
  • HZ: Croatian Railways (Croatia)
  • Iarnrod: Iarnrod Eireann (Ireland)
  • IrishFerries: Irish Ferries (Ireland)
  • IrishRail: Irish Rail (Ireland)
  • Rosslare: Rosslare Europort (Ireland)
  • StenaLine: StenaLine Ireland (Ireland)
  • Italy: Ferrovie dello Stato (Italy)
  • Trenitalia: Trenitalia (Italy)
  • CFL: CF Luxembougeois (Luxembourg)
  • LDZ: Latvia Railways (Latvia)
  • MZ: Macedonia Railways (Macedonia)
  • NS: NS (Netherlands)
  • StenaLine: StenaLine Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • Fjord Tour: Fjord Tour (Norway)
  • Jernbane: Jernbaneverket (Norway)
  • NSB: NSB (Norway)
  • StenaLine: StenaLine Norway (Norway)
  • PKP Intercity: Intercity Poland (Poland)
  • PKP: Polske Koleje (Poland)
  • CP: Comboios de Portugal (Portugal)
  • Afer: Afer Romania (Romania)
  • CFR: Romania Railway (Romania)
  • Silja Line: Silja Line (Sweden)
  • StenaLine: Stena Line Sweden (Sweden)
  • SJ: Swedish Railways (Sweden)
  • ZSR: Slovakian Railways (Slovakia)
  • TCDD: Turkish Railways (Turkey)
  • Ukraine: Ukraine Railways (Ukraine)
  • Eurostar: Eurostar (England)
  • ONE: UK London/East England (England)
  • StenaLine: Stena Line UK (England)
  • Central Trains: UK Central (England)
  • Gatwick Express: UK Gatwick Express (England)
  • Heathrow Connect: UK Heathrow Express (England)
  • Hull Trains: UK Hull Doncaster London (England)
  • National Rail: UK Integrate (England)
  • Island Line: UK Isle of Wight (England)
  • First Capital: UK London round (England)
  • Merseyrail: UK London round (England)
  • Silverlink: UK London round (England)
  • Chiltern Railways: UK London south (England)
  • C2C: UK London/Shoeburyness (England)
  • Midland: UK Midland (England)
  • GNER: UK North East (England)
  • Transpenine: UK North of England (England)
  • Northern Rail: UK Northern (England)
  • ScotRail: UK Scotland (Scotland)
  • First Great Western: UK South West
  • SouthEastern: UK Southeastern (England)
  • Southern: UK Southern (England)
  • SouthWest: UK South West (England)
  • Virgin: UK Virgin (England)
  • Arriva: UK Wakes (Wales)
  • Translink: Northern Ireland Trains (Ireland) 




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