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Budapest to Zagreb OBB - International high speed trains.

Comfort and Economy by OBB - International Railway.
UK 1st class UK 1st class

The railjet is a new high-speed ÖBB (Austrian Railways) train which was introduced with the change of timetable in 2008/9 and reaches speeds of 230 km/h (143 mph). The first route Munich – Vienna - Budapest has been in operation since December 2008, with the second route Vienna – Salzburg - Zurich following in December 2009. On completion of the current track improvement works, a journey time of 2 hours 15 minutes between Salzburg and Vienna is planned.

1st Class
UK 1st classPassengers in First Class can take advantage of extremely spacious seating, reclining leather armchairs with extra legroom, a reading light, a drink, a wide choice of newspaper, screens with live updates/connections and departure/arrival times, and much more

Many seats have laptop power points and specially designated areas provide interference-free enhanced mobile phone reception. Look out for the mobile phone symbols in the carriages.

Quiet zones are reserved for passengers who want to travel in peace. Experience the feeling of being personally attended to in 1st class. Our specially designated staff are there to welcome you with a smile and help you with any questions you may have regarding your seat or luggage.

At-Seat service
We want you to feel comfortable throughout your whole journey. Special staff have been assigned for 1st class passengers at the train stations and on board the RailJet trains and are happy to look after and attend to each individual passenger.

2nd Class
A comfortable journey guaranteed: All RailJet trains offer a wide selection of seats. All RailJet trains are user and family-friendly, offering special facilities for the disabled and changing stations for families with young children.

Budapest to Zagreb by OBB

For booking, click or touch in corresponding fare. All fares in US Dollars per person.
Fare Description Railway Option 2nd Class 1st Class
Flexi (full fare - exchangeable) OBB One Way $86.00 $112.00
Flexi fare (full fare)
Railway Company: OBB
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
80% refundable up to 2 business days before departure date
Exchangeable up to 2 business days before departure date at the train stations only.
Paper ticket available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $172.00 $224.00
Child (4 - 11 years old) OBB One Way $49.00 $62.00
Child fare
Child: between 6 and 11 years old (inclusive)
Railway Company: OBB
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
80% refundable up to 2 business days before departure date
Not exchangeable
Paper ticket  available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $98.00 $124.00
Passholder (requires a valid rail pass) OBB One way $20.00 $20.00
Passholder fare
Requires a valid rail pass that includes these city countries
Railway Company: OBB
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
No refundable
No exchangeable
Paper ticket available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $40.00 $40.00
Trip Duration: 6:10 hrs.
Departures from Budapest: 06:14||14:59||18:15
Departures from Zagreb: 10:03||16:40||

Paper tickets - How to use your tickets:

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Proceed to the FedEx webpage ( with your tracking number

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Important: Arrive at the train station at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time.

Please, keep in mind that you must have the printed tickets sent to you in hands to use them. You cannot travel without the printed tickets in hands.

a) Seat Reservations: The train tickets includes seat reservations.
b) Promotional Fare (when available): Not refundable. Not Exchangeable.
c) Adult Full Fares and Children Fares: Children fare are valid for people under 12 years old. Children under 4 years old travel free. Full fares are 80% refundable up to 2 business days before the travel date. Printed tickets must be returned to our office and arrive at least 2 business days before the departure date and time. *Exchangeable at train station (subject to availability).
d) Seat Reservations, Passholder fare: Requires a valid rail pass. We only can book it for travelers who have purchased their rail passes through our company. No refundable. No exchangeable.
e) All tickets are subject to availability and confirmation. Tickets have a variable horizon for booking, normally 60 to 90 days within trip date. A booking confirmation will be sent as soon as the booking have been processed and confirmed.
f) All fares are per person in US Dollars, subject to to change before the booking processing
g) Physical Tickets (Paper tickets): They are sent by FedEx, with the selected shipping option, to the shipping address provided by the costumer when placing an order.
i) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 8 handling fee

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  • Budapest

    The Budapest Keleti Train Station is the largest among the three stations in Budapestand and is located about 2 miles from Budapest's city center. The building was constructed in eclectic style between 1881 and 1884 and, at that time, was considered one of the most modern railway stations of Europe.

    Transportation from the Budapest Keleti Train Station:

    To the Budapest Ferihegy Airport: VBB bus X9, frequent all-day service

    City Trains: S9, S45

    Metro: M2 and M4

    • Station address: Budapest, 1087 Hungary

    View location on map: Google maps

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    Budapest - National Rail Enquires
    Rail services are now far more accessible than they were in the past and many disabled people are able to use the rail network without assistance.

    On the railway stations in Budapest and in most of the big towns in Hungary there are lifts to take people in wheelchairs to and from the carriages. It should be booked one day before travelling. Two adapted carriages can be hired for groups and thus attached to a certain train upon request. The booking should be sent 2 weeks in advance. There are more and more new carriages (Flirt, Desiro, Talent) which are wheelchair accessible, they go to different towns.

    MEOSZ, the  National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations is the national NGO of people with physical disability, representing, protecting and enforcing their rights and interests for all of them living in Hungary. They can assist you in arranging your stay in Budapest or in the country as pleasant as possible with advice for programs or accessible hotels as well. Colleagues of MEOSZ assist passengers arriving by air or by train, if the date and time, flight number, or train number is known. With a view to free capacity they can also offer sight seeing tours with English or German speaking guides. They can arrange a guide speaking French, Italian, Spanish or Russian as well.

    Booking of any of the mentioned services can be carried out with the contact details below, but please note that at least two weeks advance notice is needed.

    Address: H -1032 Budapest, San Marco u. 76,or H – 1300 Budapest, P.O.Box 141.

    Phone/Fax:+36-1-250-9013;  phones: +36-1-388-2387,  +36-1-388-5529

  • Zagreb

    Zagreb Glavni kolodvor is the main railway station in Zagreb. Located 1 km south of the city's main square, it is largest station in Croatia and the main hub of the Croatian Railways network.

    • Address: Dworcowa 1, 61-801 Poznań, Poland

    View location on map: Google maps

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    Zagreb - National Rail Enquires
    Rail services are now far more accessible than they were in the past and many disabled people are able to use the rail network without assistance.


    Croatia has done a great deal to introduce active programmes and legislation to suport those with disabilities, The country and most of the better hotels and restaurants are equipped for people with disability

    In Zagreb you will find lowered public phones and pavaments more wheelchair-friendly. City public transport if free for people with disability and a good number of the city's trams and buses are wheelchair-friendly.


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