From Berlin to Munich Train Tickets

Berlin to Munich by DB - ICE - The German High Speed Trains

UK 1st class UK 1st class

The ICE. Deutsche Bahn's fastest train: The ICE (Intercity-Express) is the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling on the Deutsche Bahn network, reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h, and new standards of excellence.

1st Class
UK 1st classA quiet atmosphere, space and comfortable seatings on 1st class ICE services. It´s ideal for work or a relaxing trip

In 1st class If you want to take the opportunity to work while travelling, you will finda desk available at your seat that can be used for business activities. The comfortable seatings offers a legroom and confortable distance from your neighbours.

Many seats have a laptop power outlets and specially designated areas that will provide interference-free reception for your mobile. Look out for the mobile phone symbols in the carriages.

Quiet zones are reserved for passengers who want to travel in peace. Experience the feeling of being personally attended to in 1st class. Our specially designated staff are there to welcome you with a smile and help you with any questions you may have regarding your trip.

At-Seat service
We want you to feel comfortable throughout your whole journey. Special staff have been assigned for 1st class passengers at the train stations and on board the ICE trains and are happy to look after and attend to each individual passenger.

2nd Class
A comfortable journey guaranteed: All ICE trains offer a wide selection of seats. All ICE trains are user and family-friendly, offering special facilities for the disabled and changing stations for families with young children.

The ICE. Deutsche Bahn's fastest train: The ICE (Intercity-Express) is the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling on the Deutsche Bahn network, reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h, and new standards of excellence.

The different trains
DB Bahn’s first ICE made its debut in 1991 and today there are 5 varieties. ICE 1,2,3,T, and Sprinter. Each operates between several major cities including international destinations in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Cross platform interchanges from ICE to ICE are possible at many stations without long walking distance in between. The comfort and convenience of the ICE are sure to win you over. ICE trains are fully air-conditioned and have a low noise level

Berlin Hbf to Munich Hbf by DB - ICE

For booking, click or touch in corresponding fare. All fares in US Dollars per person.
Fare Description   Option 2nd Class 1st Class
Saver Fare   One Way $110.00 $126.00
Saver fare
Book at least 24 hours in advance.
Railway Company: ICE
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
No refundable
No exchangeable
e-tickets available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $246.00 $328.00
Flexible   One Way $212.00 $336.00
Flexi fare (full fare)
Railway Company: ICE
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
80% refundable up to 2 business days before departure date
Exchangeable up to 1 day before departure date at the train stations only.
e-tickets available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $425.00 $671.00
Child   One Way $107.00 $168.00
Child fare
Child: between 6 and 11 years old (inclusive)
Railway Company: ICE
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
80% refundable up to 1 day before departure date
No exchangeable
e-tickets available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $212.00 $336.00
Passholder   One way $19.00 $19.00
Passholder fare
Requires a valid rail pass that includes Germany.
Railway Company: ICE
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guaranteed.
No refundable
No exchangeable
e-tickets available.
Subject to availability.
  Roundtrip $37.00 $37.00
Trip Duration: 6:46 hrs.
Departures from Berlin: 06:39||07:54||08:40||10:41||12:43||14:40||16:40
Departures from Munich: 11:21,13:20,15:16,16:19,17:16

Ticketless - How use your etickets:

As soon as your booking have been processed, you will receive a booking confirmation, including a PNR number (reservation code) , by email.

How retrieve your etickets at train station:

Proceed to the self-service kiosks available in the German train stations.

If retrieving from a kiosk at a Regional-Station (S-Bahn) (example: Frankfurt Airport) please click on the "DB" button and then select "long distance" from the following menu in order to get to the correct prompts to retrieve your ticket.

  • In the selection menu on the screen, please press “Pre-booked tickets".
  • On the next screen, select “Collection of Pre-booked tickets”.
  • On the following screen, select “Identification with Order Number”.
  • Enter your e-ticket # or PNR, which is a 9-digit number combination uniqueto your trip, and is included in the email confirmation you receive from Euro Railways.
  • On the next screen, select “Confirm”. This screen shows all the information related to the order you have selected.
  • Then, select “Print Now” and retrieve the ticket(s).  


Important: Arrive at the train station at least 20 minutes prior to your departure time to allow ample time to print your tickets and board your train.

Also, the etickets retrieve instructions are sent attached with the booking confirmation email

a) Seat Reservations: The train tickets include the seat reservations.
b) Promotional Fare: No refundable. Exchangeable at train station prior the booked trip date.
c) Adult Full Fares and Children Fares: Children fare are valid for persons under 12 years old. Children under 4 years old travel free. 80% refundable up to 3 days before the travel date. When printed tickets should be returned to our office. *Exchangeable at train station.
d) Seat Reservations, Passholder fare: Requires a valid rail pass. We only can book it for travelers who have purchased their rail passes through our company. No refundable. No exchangeable.
e) All tickets are subject to confirmation. The tickets have a variable horizon for booking, normally 60 to 90 days within trip date. A booking confirmation will be sent as soon as the booking have been processed.
f) All fares are per person in US Dollars, subject to to change before the booking processing
g) E-tickets: The way for retrieve or use instructions will be sent with the booking confirmation by email. The tickets should be retrieved and printed at train station or printed at home as instructed in booking confirmation.
h) Physical Tickets (optional): The tickets are sent by FedEx, with the selected shipping option to the informed shipping address.
i) Tickets Protection: An good option for you travel in peace in mind. Reimbursement and General rules as described at General Terms and Conditions.
j) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 8 handling fee

Rail Passes & Tickets Options

Rail tickets & passes options for travel multiple times through a single or multiple countries.

Useful Information

  • Berlin

    Berlin Central Train Station - Berlin Hauptbahnhof:
    The Berlin Central Train Station, considered the biggest train station in Europe, opened March 28, 2006. This state-of-the-art station has countless conveniences for travelers including a suspension system for its platforms, greatly reducing vibration and noise. You will find yourself enjoying this station as much as your German train ride!
    Address:  Invalidenstrasse 10557 Berlin
    View location on map: Google map

    Transportation from/to Berlin Central Train Station:

    To the Berlin Brandenburg airport:

    • The express buses X7 and X11 connect BER and U-Bahn Rudow, the underground line U7, every five minutes

    To other railway stations from the Berlin Central Train Station:

    • Train: S Bahn S5, S7, S75, S9
    • Bus: 120, 123, 147, 240, 245


    Telephone access:

    • Telephone stands
    • Location: main concourse
    • Codes
      Country Code: 49 
      City Code: 30

    Wi-Fi service:

    • Hotspot


    Tourism office: 

    • DB Travel Centre 
      Hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm 
      Location 1: 1st floor, between the S-Bahn and long-distance train platform 
      Location 2: 1st lower level, passageway to the U-Bahn

    Baggage consignment:

    • Hours: 24 hour service 
      Location: 1st upper floor, east side 
      Cost: 3 Euro per day

    Berlin Ostbahnhof Train Station - Berlin Ostbahnhof:
    The Berlin Ostbahnhof train station translates to East Station. As the name suggests, the station is located in Friedrichshain, which is in East Berlin. Travelers will appreciate the cleanliness of this station, as well as the friendly atmosphere. The station is easy to get around and when it’s time to board your train it should be trouble-free. The Ostbahnhof station provides S bahn service also which is covered with a German Rail pass.

    Address:  Koppenstr. 3 10243 Berlin
    View location on map: Google map

    Transportation from the Ostbahnhof Train Station:

    To the Schoenefeld airport:

    • Train: Airport Express RE4/5
    • Travel Time: 30 minutes


    • (S-Bahn) lines: S3, S5, S7, S75 and S9
    • Warschauer Strasse lines:U1, U15 and U12
    • Alexanderplatz lines: U2, U5, U8


    • 140, 147, 347

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    ICE - DB Bahn Assistance
    Passengers with reduced mobility can now order Deutsche Bahn's Mobility Service even more easily. Whoever needs assistance with boarding, alighting or changing trains during their journey - for example a wheelchair platform lift - can do so conveniently with immediate effect on the Internet as well.

    The local service staff will be pleased to assist you when boarding, alighting or changing trains. Owing to the short stopping times however, they are unable to accompany you to your seat.

    To order, please fill out the form at:  and send it to us by 20:00 (MET) one working day before your departure at the latest.

    Will be required your coach and seat number on long-distance trains so that we can make sure you receive the assistance you require. On local trains, please indicate where you will be sitting instead of the reservation - e.g. 1st coach/front of train.

    You can book your tickets and make reservations for you and, if you wish, also send them to you. You can order those by telephone on +49 (0) 1806/512 512 (calls charged). You can contact us every day from 06:00 to 22:00 (MET).

    For any further information, send them an e-mail at: or contact us them the telephone number given above.

  • Munich

    Munchen Hauptbahnhof (Munich HBF) is located in the centre of Munich, the Munich Main Train Station (Munich Hauptbahnhof) is close to Marienplatz. This station is one of the largest in Germany and provides both regional and international service. S Bahn service, which is covered with a rail pass, is also offered.

    Transportation from The Munich Main Train Station:

    • Trains:
      • S Bahn, 1, 2,5, 6, 7, 8, 27
      • U Bahn: 1,2,4,5
    • Bus:#58 - Location: main entrance

    • Station Address: Bayerstr. 10a 80335 Munich, Germany

    View location on map: Google maps

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    Munich - National Rail Enquires
    On the platforms and at every underground platform, there are tactile guide rails for the blind. Central Station is served by all S-Bahn and tram line as well as undergrounds U1, U2, U4, U5, U7, and U8. No-barrier access is available.

    Lifts: To the central S-Bahn platform, on the outer edge of the S-Bahn mezzanine, i.e., right next to Starnberg Wing Station (for a maximum of one wheelchair since space is limited)

    • On the northern side of Central Station / Arnulfstrasse exit, taking you directly to a taxi rank, to the tracks in the main hall, and the S-Bahn mezzanine
    • On the northern side of Central Station / Bayerstrasse exit, taking you directly to the mezzanine, from where there is a separate lift the the underground platform
    • At Bahnhofsplatz in front of the main entrance, taking you to the mezzanine, where you will find two additional lifts taking you to U1/U7 and U2/U8

      1. Central Station Mission (register a minimum of one hour in advance): Phone +49 / 089/59 45 76 or +49 / 089/59 45 77 or +49 / 089/59 45 78
      2. “3s Zentrale Munich Central Station“”, Phone +49 / 089/13 08 10 75 55 (for blind persons)
      3. German Railroad Mobility Service Call +49 / (0)1805/51 25 12 (14 cent/min. from a German landline, max. 42 cent/min. from mobile networks in Germany), register by 6pm on the previous day or by Saturday, 3pm for Sundays and Mondays.


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