European Train Tickets

European Train Tickets

Comfort, Convenience and Economic.

More than 240.000 Kilometers for you to enjoy every journey in modern, high-tech and fast trains. Traveling by train in Europe is comfortable, relaxing and efficient. You can enjoy the view, appreciate a good meal, take a nap or just chat with your fellow travelers. You will arrive at your destination on time, rested and refreshed.

Most European train stations are located right in the middle of town, therefore once you arrive at destination you can easily find your way around town.

Euro Railways is an authorized European Rail System Representative with authority to issue tickets from over 80 European railway companies

Every Journey by Train is Unique!

A point-to-point ticket is good for a rail journey from one destination in Europe to another along a specific route.

Depending on the itineraries with medium/long trip duration, a rail pass might be a better option. Options for travel through one, two or multi european countries. If you want a suggestion for your itinerary, use our Personal Travel Assistant form.


All point to point, night and scenic trains tickets are issued including the reservations except when identified as open ticket.

Seat reservations are compulsory or recommended when traveling by major trains, Premier trains, like Eurostar (London/Paris/Brussels), Thalys (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne), Eurostar Italia (major Italy destinations), Spanish Premier Trains (major Spanish destinations), Scenic trains, Night trains, etc.

You can make the reservations at train stations or we can book them previously filling the reservation form.

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