From Paris to Rome Train Tickets

Paris to Rome Train Tickets by TGV / Italo

Paris / Rome by TGV / Italo (high speeed trains), in 11 hours, with a train change in Milan. Extraordinary experience, through France and Italy.

Direct Night Train from Paris to Rome no longer available. An option is Paris to Milan by Thello Night Train with Private Single, Double or Triple Cabins and Milan to Rome by Italo.
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TGV: There is one word to describe TGV. Fast! World speed record holder, it zips from city to city at up to 322 kph (201 mph). With Paris as its hub, France's high speed network interconnects throughout Europe. TGV's high speed travel makes it an attractive alternative to the plane. If we had to find another word to describe the TGV, it would have to be “often”. Because, every day, 450 trains criss-cross the network, offering you a wide choice of journey times. Ensuring your comfort and convenience Looking for the best price, at the best time? That's second nature at TGV! First or Second class,

1st Class
Travel First Class on TGV for maximum comfort, with wider, adjustable seats, power sockets for your electronic appliances and compartments which offer peace and quiet.
A relaxing journey whether you are travelling alone, in a group or with your family. First Class TGV has wider, reclining seats for maximum comfort.
Head rest, fold-down table, foot rest, individual adjustable light and power socket: making your comfort a priority.
Some TGV are double-deckers: TGV Duplex. You can choose the top floor “salle haute” or the bottom floor “salle basse”

2nd Class
TGV Second Class offers straightforward, friendly and comfortable travel for every type of traveller, including families. Enjoy the bright carriages, practical services and efficient customer service.

Comfort for all!

In a well-lit, happy and friendly atmosphere, TGV Second Class brings you seats with head rest, a fold-down table, foot rest and an individual reading light for your maximum comfort.
For each seating location, you decide if you want a window or aisle seat.
Some TGV are double-deckers: TGV Duplex.

The TGV bar has a wide selection of meals and sweet snacks available to satisfy everybody's hunger. Eat at the bar or take them back to your seat. There is also a selection of DVDs, magazines, games and public transport tickets on sale.
Great meals and tasty snacks
Enjoy great meals on board the TGV: the Bar TGV and its shop can be found in coaches 4 and 14! Here you can create your own tasty and well-balanced menu with hot dishes, salads, sandwiches, desserts... or choose one of the Bar TGV suggestions!

Fashion designer Christian Lacroix has revamped the interior decor of the new TGV trains. New colours, equipment and spacious areas: rediscover your TGV! 2009: A Christian Lacroix makeover for TGV trains.
In 2009, fashion designer Christian Lacroix was selected to redesign the TGV interiors. The trains have been given a makeover so can can travel in style and comfort like never before! These new trains run primarlily on the East France network.
Second Class: more space
The Second Class travellers now enjoy more legroom (92 cm compared to 85cm previously). Their seat is reclining and their head rest adjustable. Power sockets are also available.
Christian Lacroix has come up with an energising purple and red colour scheme for our new-look Second Class compartments.
“Le Bureau” in Second Class
The new TGV trains now feature a new “communications” area in Second Class: “Le Bureau”. Use this area for all your communications needs. It also features a power socket. This compartment is located in coach 7.

First Class: relaxation
For Christian Lacroix, First Class is all about relaxation so he chose a harmonious grey colour scheme. Every seat is reclining, every traveller has their own individual power socket, a pillow and adjustable table.
Don't forget: you can now use your mobile phone throughout your journey – But please consider using the areas between two coaches so as not to disturb the other travellers.

Italo is an ultra-modern train designed by global leader Alstom to meet demand for comfortable and safe High Speed travel. Engineered to reach speeds of up to 360 km/h. Italo offers a unique combination of three essential features:Safety, Comfort and Eco-sustainability, with economy.

ITALO - Classes of Service
Smart Class (2nd class): Smart is practical and economical, but doesn’t cut corners when it comes to traveller comfort, with Frau reclining leather seats, individual electric sockets, individual tables for most travellers, and free Wi-Fi in all coaches, including access to Italolive, the on-board portal with live TV. There is a small Snack Area in coach 7 where travellers may purchase espresso coffee, cold drinks and snacks at competitive prices from self-service vending machines

Prima Class (1st class):Take your seat in Prima. Our staff will welcome you with drinks and snacks, including the day’s newspapers for morning travel, as part of the high quality service and elegance of this journey ambience. In Prima, for your comfort, we have arranged reclining Frau leather seats in rows of three, with a wide aisle and ample individual space for travellers. For instance, seats beside each other have single armrests with almost 5 cm between them, to maximise your personal space.
Club Class For the most demanding travellers, the Club coach is the ideal journey ambience: in terms of comfort and privacy, technology and the level of service. The coach, which is located at one of the extremities of train so that other travellers will not be walking through, has just 19 seats and provides even more individual space, with comfortable Frau leather armchairs. The seats are organised in an “open space” area for 11 travellers andtwo Lounges with a maximum of 4 seats each which can only be booked “en bloc”, for total privacy. Each seat has a 9” touch-screen to allow you to choose your programme from the on-board portal whenever you want, including live TV. Like all Italo coaches, Club also offers Wi-Fi for free Internet access. The travel experience is completed by permanent full service with a hostess serving Club only.

Italo is the product of various elements which make up a new and modern transport service, brought together by NTV.
NTV combines the know-how of a group of highly experienced professionals from the railway and services industry with the most advanced technology:
a latest-generation High Speed train, designed by global leader Alstom.
an innovative fleet maintenance site in Italo’s railway yards in Nola.
an operations room equipped with newly-developed information systems to manage the service and provide travellers with real-time information.
Finally customer service is a priority for Italo, and the company understands the value of trained staff like those our Training School as well as the importance of the most up-to-date technology to ensure our travellers benefit from customised assistance at all stages of their journey.

Schedules - Paris to Rome
From To Railway Train # Departure Arrive
Paris Gare Lyon Milano Porta Garibaldi TGV 9241 07:49 14:51
Milano Porta Garibaldi Roma Tiburtina Italo 9943 15:34 18:54
Paris Gare Lyon Milano Porta Garivaldi TGV 9245 10:41 17:51
Milano Porta Garibaldi Roma Tiburtina Italo 9955 18:34 21:54

Promotional Fares (US$)

Fare Description Railway Price Book it
Paris to Rome by TGV/Italo, Promotional Leisure Fare (1st class)
Railway Companies: TGV/Italo
Departs from: Paris Gare Lyon
Train change at: Milan Porta Garibaldi
Arrival at Rome Tiburtina
Trip Durantion: 11 hrs
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guarantee.
No refundable
No exchangeable
Etickets available.
Book at least 15 days in advance.

TGV $ 194.00 Book it
Paris to Rome by TGV/Italo, Promotional Leisure Fare (2nd class)
Railway Company: TGV
Departs from: Paris Gare Lyon
Train change at: Milan Porta Garibaldi
Arrival at Rome Tiburtina
Trip Durantion: 11 hrs
Includes seat reservation.
Seat reservation guarantee.
No refundable
No exchangeable
Etickets available.
Book at least 15 days in advance.

TGV $ 154.00 Book it
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Rail Passes Options

If you want travel multiple destinatinations, consider a rail pass for multiple destinations or a train ticket add-on:

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Enter the traveler’s last name at the prompt and select “confirm”.
Review displayed trip and select “Collect the chosen journey.” Wait for tickets to be printed and retrieve them from the kiosk.
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Please note: there may be multiple e-ticket confirmation codes for your itinerary.
Important: Arrive at the train station at least 45 minutes prior to your departure time to print your tickets and board your train. Print at the station e-tickets for French trains need to be issued from a train station in France. If you have a roundtrip ticket, issue both the outbound and return trip at the same time from your station of origin. If you fail to do so and are traveling outside of France, you will find yourself unable to print your return train ticket.
Detailed instructions in the linked page (pdf).
Italo: All Italo tickets are etickets, a booking confirmation will be sent soon by email with a specific code (PNR) You should print it or storage in a device and show it when required by train's controller.
Also, the etickets retrieve instructions are sent attached with the booking confirmation email.

a) Seat Reservations: The train tickets include the seat reservations.
b) Promotional Fare: No refundable. Exchangeable at train station prior the booked trip date.
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b) Senior and Youth Fares: Senior fares are valid for persons 60+ years old. Youth fares are valid for persons under 26 years old. No refundable. *Exchangeable at train station.
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g) Physical Tickets (optional): The tickets are sent by FedEx, with the selected shipping option to the informed shipping address.
h) Tickets Protection: An good option for you travel in peace in mind. Reimbursement and General rules as described at General Terms and Conditions.
i) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 8 handling fee (if informed in checkout process).

  • Paris

    Paris Gare du Nord:
    Eurostar and Thalys trains departs from Paris Gare du Nord.
    The Paris Nord Train Station was originally built in 1846. Shortly after, it was rebuilt three times larger due to increasing traffic. The new and improved station was fully functional by 1864. The name was decided with the notion that travelers would be able to travel to Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries. And of course that is just what happened, and with the ever-growing high-speed rail network, more and more destinations are reachable from the Gare du Nord.
    Address: 18 Rue Dunkerque. Paris. 75010 112, rue de Maubeuge 75010 Paris
    View location on map: Google map

    Paris Gare Lyon:
    The day time trains from Paris to Milan departs from Paris Gare Lyon.
    The Paris Lyon Train Station was built for the World Exposition of 1900. The architecture used in the construction of the Gare de Lyon is a classic example of the architecture of that time period. Despite the classic architecture, the station has been modernized to accommodate the high-speed TGV trains that whisk travelers throughout France.
    Address: 20 boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris
    View location on map: Google map
    Hours of operation: 3:30 am to 1:30 am

    Below some suggestions:
    Paris is plain in attractions as:
    Eiffel tower
    Triumph Arc
    Champs Elisee, Louvre Museum, etc

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    Take a look in suggestions hotels in Paris, with Best Rate Guarantee.

    Eurostar Assistance
    Eurostar Assistance: call on 08432 186 186, or +44 1233 617 575 if you're currently outside the UK.
    Available 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday, Sunday and UK Bank Holidays.
    If you've already taken your journey and found something didn't go to plan, please email Include details of what happened and your six-letter booking reference, and our Customer Care team will get on the case.

    When you travel in a wheelchair with Eurostar, we’ll reserve one of our dedicated wheelchair passenger spaces for you, which are in our Standard Premier and Business Premier carriages. You’ll also be able to take a companion with you at a discounted rate.

    We’ll set up a ramp for you and one of our team will help you board the train and get you settled comfortably. It’s a good idea to arrive at the station at least 45 minutes before departure to give you plenty of time, and let a member of our team know you’d like a helping hand.

    If you have restricted mobility and need a little help walking but you’re not confined to a wheelchair, we’ll be happy to arrange assistance for you to get to the platform, on the train and off again at your destination. You don’t have to arrange this in advance. Just ask at Eurostar ticket desk when you arrive at the station – we’ll take care of everything for you.

  • Rome

    Roma Tiburtina station:
    Italo trains departs from Roma Tiburtina station
    Address: Piazzale Stazione Tiburtina 00100 Roma, Italy
    View location on map: Google map

    Roma Termini station:
    Freccia/Trenitalia trains departs from Roma Termini station. The Rome Termini train station was named after the ancient Baths of Diocletian, which can be found across the street from the main entrance of the station. When the Roma Termini station was built in 1931 and completed in 1950, it was a great success both in capability and design. After the completion of the station many stations strived to live up to the standards set forth by the Termini station. It was an inspiration to many architects attempting their own masterpieces. More importantly, it is a great station to spend some time in while waiting for your inspiring train journey.
    Address: On Gran Canal, Venice, Italy
    View location on map: Google map

    Below some suggestions:
    Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour
    Roma Sightseeing Tour

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    Italo Assistance
    Italo is committed to guaranteeing discrimination free transport for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation no. 1371/2007.
    On board Italo, in carriage 8 in Smart, there are 2 seats for passengers with wheelchairs. The seats are located near the toilet for disabled passengers and near the Snack Area of carriage 7, where the vending machines are designed for easy access.
    All the toilets on board Italo have markings for the blind: on the outside pressing an acoustic switch indicates whether the toilet is free or occupied and, inside the toilet cubicle, indications are also in Braille.
    The seat numbering on trains is also in Braille and can be easily found since it is located on the seats adjoining the aisle.
    Italo can supply you with information and assistance if you call Pronto Italo (Italo’s Contact Center) at 060708.


    Trenitalia/Freccia Assistance
    The service is provided by RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana – and is addressed to:
    - individuals in a wheelchair because of illness or disability;
    - individuals with limb problems or with difficulty in walking;
    - elderly people;
    - pregnant women;
    - blind or visually impaired people;
    - deaf or hearing impaired people;
    - people with mental handicap
    How to request the assistance service
    You can request RFI's assistance as follows:
    by going to the Sale Blu directly;
    by calling the RFI National Telephone Number 199 30 30 60
    by contacting Trenitalia's Call Center:199 892021 option 7 or 06/3000 for users not enabled to call 199

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