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Trains: Kind of Coaches

Day trains

Trains can have one or both of the following seating arrangements:

Coach car seating
The car is open with a center aisle and seats on either side

In 1st class: there usually are 2 seats on one side of the aisle and 1 on the other

In 2nd class: there usually are 2 seats on either side of the aisle

Compartment car seating
The car is separated into cabins which open to a corridor along one side of the car.

In 1st class: cabins accommodate up to 6 passengers.

In 2nd class: cabins accommodate up to 8 passengers

Seats in 1st class are usually large, with reclining backs and more space for the legs. They are more comfortable and spacious.


Night  trains

Dream your way to your destination - take a sleeper!

Sleepers are the ideal way to travel on night trains.
You easily cover a thousand kilometers in one night.
Night trains do not always have all different sleeping accommodations.

Reservations are compulsory for travel in sleepers or couchettes.


Sleepers contain beds, with a  private washstand, fresh linens and towels, and power plug for razors. 

Compartments are allocated exclusively for he use of men or women, except when couples or families occupy all beds together.


Sleepers options: Single (1 bed), Double (2 beds), 
T3 (3 beds) and Grand Class with toilet and showers.  



Every passenger has a berth to fully recline, with a pillow, sheets and woolen blanket.

There is no distinction by sex; males and females are booked into the same compartment and are expected to sleep in their day time clothes.

Washing and toilet facilities are provided at the end of each coach.



In some night trains "sleeperettes" (reclining seats) are available. They require 2nd class ticket + sleeperette supplement.


Reservations: Why Reserve? How make a reserve? 



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