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Venice to Milan by Freccia - children - 1st class

Venice to Milan by Freccia - children - 1st class
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Train tickets from Venice to Milan by Trenitalia Freccia

Departure from Venice Santa Lucia or Venice Mestre to Milano Centrale (main station)

Trip Duration: 2h20m

Fares, Promotions, & Conditions

Gran Class Shower

Promotional Fare:
Save 20%
of regular fares.
Tickets should be booked at least 7 days in advance and are suject to availability. No refundable. No exchangeable.

When you complete the checkout process, the charge authorization will be in hold. We only will charge your booking when the booking have been completed. If for any reason, we are not able to confirm your booking, we will send you alternatives or a booking cancelation.

European Train Tickets - Terms and Conditions:
a) Adult Fares and Children Fares: The train tickets include the seat reservations.
Children fare are valid for persons under 12 years old. Children under 4 years old travel free.
80% refundable up to 3 days before the travel date. The printed tickets should be returned to our office. Exchangeable at train station.

b) Senior and Youth Fares: Senior fares are valid for persons 60+ years old.
Youth fares are valid for persons under 26 years old.
No refundable. Exchangeable at train station.

c) Seat Reservations (Passholder fare): Requires a valid rail pass. We only can book it for travelers who have purchased their rail passes through our company.
No refundable. No exchangeable.

d) All tickets are subject to confirmation. The tickets have a variable horizon for booking, normally 60 to 90 days within trip date. A booking confirmation will be sent as soon as the booking have been processed.

d) All fares are per person in US Dollars, subject to to change before the booking processing

e) E-tickets: The way for retrieve or use instructions will be sent with the booking confirmation by email. The tickets should be retrieved and printed at train station or printed at home as instructed in booking confirmation.

f) Physical Tickets: The tickets are sent by FedEx, with the selected shipping option to the informed shipping address.

g) Tickets Protection: An good option for you travel in peace in mind. Reimbursement and General rules as described at General Terms and Conditions.

h) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 18 handling fee (if informed in checkout process).



italo is the product of various elements which make up a new and modern transport service, brought together by NTV.

NTV combines the know-how of a group of highly experienced professionals from the railway and services industry with the most advanced technology: 

  • a latest-generation High Speed train, designed by global leader Alstom
  • an innovative fleet maintenance site in Italo’s railway yards in Nola
  • an operations room equipped with newly-developed information systems to manage the service and provide travellers with real-time information.

Finally customer service is a priority for Italo, and the company understands the value of trained staff like those our Training School as well as the importance of the most up-to-date technology to ensure our travellers benefit from customised assistance at all stages of their journey.

Italo with Eataly, cuisine on the Restaurantmove
High Speed travel means reducing travel distances and times, and so Italo has reinvented on-board food & drink by directing it towards light but tasty meals to arouse your curiosity and offer that little extra something to discover on your travels. To achieve this, we have entrusted our meal service to Eataly, a leading expert on Italian gastronomy and the highest quality cuisine, which has developed on-board menus for service at your seat exclusively for Italo.

Italo provides you with a free Internet connection in all journey ambiences, easily accessed via Wi-Fi.

The Italo solution combines three different technologies (satellite, UMTS and Wi-Fi) which are used on the basis of availability and external conditions to guarantee you uninterrupted high quality navigation and good coverage even in the presence of tunnels or other obstacles, except for the particularly long tunnel between Bologna and Florence.


Useful Information:

Assistance to Passengers with Reduced Mobility


Italo is committed to guaranteeing discrimination free transport for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation no. 1371/2007.

On board Italo, in carriage 8 in Smart, there are 2 seats for passengers with wheelchairs. The seats are located near the toilet for disabled passengers and near the Snack Area of carriage 7, where the vending machines are designed for easy access.

All the toilets on board Italo have markings for the blind: on the outside pressing an acoustic switch indicates whether the toilet is free or occupied and, inside the toilet cubicle, indications are also in Braille.

The seat numbering on trains is also in Braille and can be easily found since it is located on the seats adjoining the aisle.

Italo can supply you with information and assistance if you call Pronto Italo (Italo’s Contact Center) at 060708.